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Timezone Settings

Personalizery Server uses UTC Timezone as default.

Means, When you add New Domain to your account. The Server will automatically use UTC Date for Date Added in Dashboard Table.

alt text

If it is different, it may confuse you. Because you may be in different timezone.

Selected Timezone

  • For that we suggest you to Select the desired timezone in Settings

  • You can see your selected timezone (Marked in Box)

You can see your selected timezone (Marked in Box)

Empty Timezone

  • If you see Current Timezone is set to (Like Below Image) You have to Pick your timezone and click on Save Changes Button

Pick your Timezone and Click on Save Changes

What will happen if I donโ€™t set my timezone

  • If you donโ€™t set your Timezone:
    • You canโ€™t view your profile page
    • You can add website to your account

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