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Frequently Asked Questions

This Section of contains Frequently Asked Question about the plugin

Plugin FAQ

💬 Can I use this plugin with Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

  • If the user opens the link directly in Facebook Built-in browser it gets cached and serve for other users too. It’s not a bug related to Personalizery.
  • Please Note that “This plugin is meant to work with Email Subscribers.” But using it with Facebook Messenger Bots is at your own risk.

😟 What happens when my license key gets expire?

  • The Plugin will keep working on your readers side. Until Cookies gets expired.
  • But it won’t accept any changes or accept new values from the URL
  • You won’t receive any update for plugin

🛡️ Why I need active license?

  • Active License key is required to keep the stored content upto date on user’s browser.
  • Maximum lifespan of Cookie on user browser is 30 days or until user clears it manually

🚨 Why my license key isn’t working on subdomain?

  • Same like Google, Personalizery treats every subdomain as a separate website.
  • Please remember, Your license key will work only on those website you have added in Dashboard

📨 Can this plugin works with all ESP (Email Service Providers)?

  • If your Email Service Provider allows you to use Personalization Tags. Then this plugin will work for sure.
  • Please Refer to your ESP Documentation about personalizing emails.

🖥️ Why I need to Exclude Pages from Cache and CDN?

  • Primary purpose of using cache plugins & CDN is to cache the page and server it to another user.
  • If you don’t exclude the pages with personalization tags. Then Second user will see the first user’s name.

My License status is still inactive

  • Make sure your subscription is active
  • After saving the API Key, Click on the Clear Cache Button to reload the license status.
  • If it is same, Try again after 60 seconds.

How to Check for Plugin Updates?

Most of the time, If the Update is available. It’ll show update available notification inside your WordPress Dashboard

You can also check manually for the updates

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Plugins Options in the sidebar
  • Under the Installed plugins, You can find Personalizery
  • Now simply click on the Check for Updates option

If the update is available, You’ll get a notification inside WordPress Dashboard

I can’t find update plugin option

  • If your license key got expired or inactive. You can’t see the update plugin option.
  • It it’s a mistake, Please contact support.

Dashboard FAQ

This Section of contains Frequently Asked Question about Dashboard

Why I can’t login to my dashboard

  • Double check your login credentials
  • Check your email inbox for any emails from Personalizery

Account Limit Reached

  • Each Plan has a limit
  • Please check the below table.
Plan Name Lifetime Deal Yearly Plan
Beginner 5 Websites 1 Website
Solopreneur 15 Websites 5 Websites
Premium 30 Websites 15 Websites
Business 50 Websites 30 Websites
Agency 100 Websites 50 Websites
Agencyx2 (Not Available) 200 Websites 100 Websites

Revoking Old API Key

  • Revoking and Creating New API Key will force all the sites to Inactive status.
  • Once you Revoke your API Key, Change to New API Key manually in all of your sites.

No Downloading Plugin option inside Dashboard

  • If your license key got expired or inactive. You can’t see the download plugin option.

Why my account got banned?

  • Our system bans your account only for any suspicious activity such as logging in from multiple difference IPs
  • Personalizery won’t encourage activities like sharing account with friends or Group buy

Can I go ahead with group buy?

  • Sorry, We really hate group buy.
  • If we found anything suspicious we will permanently ban your account and no refund will be provided.

What will happen if my account gets banned?

  • If your account gets banned, You’ll get an email
  • Either you can reply back to that email with a valid reason for signing in from different IP (Still no guarentee for account unban)
  • Alternatively you can also contact Support via Live Chat

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